5 Tips to Being Conscious in a Digital World

Welcome to 2016.

A time where it’s become socially acceptable to sit across from your friend and like their photos on Instagram rather than have a conversation with them; where you text “I’m here!” rather than ring the doorbell; where strangers become lovers with only a few clicks; where we don’t live in the present, we capture it so we can live in it later.

We’ve slowly progressed to this point in rapid speed. I know, that’s a huge contradiction but that is what it feels like.  Change has happened slow enough to desensitize us. We become accustomed, little by little to a new way of being. A new norm. A new normal. But when you consider how much space technology has taken up in our lives in the last decade, it’s astronomical. We’ve all given birth to [multiple] clones of ourselves. Digital extensions of our being.

Now, as with anything, there is a positive and negative. Technology has served an incredible purpose at making an interconnected world. I am able to share my thoughts with minds across the globe and find like-minded individuals instantly. Understanding its purpose and purposefulness is key to not being sucked into an escape dimension that has the ability to get you further from oneself.

Set some ground rules:

  1. Don’t look at your phone for at least 30 minutes before going to bed or after waking
  2. Turn off your email notifications and check your emails only twice a day
  3. Actually, turn off most notifications
  4. Have a designated phone area when you’re with company
  5. When you do use your phone, be mindful of what you’re using it for and for how long

Being aware is the first step to a positive change. It is more important now to become conscious of our actions as it takes more effort to make choices that effect us and others around us positively. Practice conscious thought when reaching for your phone, when logging onto your laptop or turning on the TV. Use – don’t abuse – these technologies. Strive for balance with whatever you’re doing and enjoy the process.


3 thoughts on “5 Tips to Being Conscious in a Digital World

  1. Ida, that was very informative! I’m going to share your information with my co-op class… this gets to the point… you are a great writer. The mindfulness that you talk about is so applicable to the lessons we have in our co-op class about work place ethics. And now with the explosion of technology and gadgets, there’s new rules at the workplace. Thanks and great job!


  2. This is so excellent! You make great points and enjoyed the actionable steps given, that is key! Keep writing!


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