Super Easy Homemade Toothpaste with all Natural Ingredients

It’s pretty much impossible to find anything that isn’t somehow damaging to our health. We’ve created a world that operates on speed and greed, leaving us as casualties in the process. The latest culprit: toothpaste.

We’ve been taught that fluoride is great for teeth health; hence it’s also pumped into our tap water. You can read more about this convicted criminal in my other blog post where I outline the risks of fluoride to our health.

The alternative to commercial fluoride toothpaste is simple: make your own! I want to share with you a very simple recipe that you can make with pretty common household items. If these aren’t common household items for you, go shopping and get them because they’re staples to a healthy home.

I always find great pleasure in making my own creations. You feel like a scientist and it’s always an added bonus to know exactly what you’re putting in your body. Even though you don’t – well you shouldn’t – swallow your toothpaste, it is still absorbed through our mouth so it’s important to use only natural ingredients that aren’t damaging to the body.

Here is what you need:

  1. A small glass jar to store your creation
  2. 6 tbsp coconut oil (I buy a giant tub from Costco that I split into little jars and use for everything – EVERYTHING)
  3. 6 tbsp baking soda
  4. 2 tsp mountain salt – my favourite brand is Giddy YoYo
  5. 2 tsp xylitol – natural sweetener for taste – you can find this at most health food stores
  6. 20-25 drops essential oil – peppermint, lemon, or cinnamon – up to you and your taste buds

Mix everything together.

You’re all done making gum healthy, teeth whitening, mouth cleansing toothpaste! I use a little popsicle stick to get the toothpaste onto my toothbrush, but you can use whatever works for you.

If you want to be even more gangster, get a stainless steel tongue scraper and go one deeper on your mouth health. You can find them at most health food stores and they’re quite inexpensive for the incredible feeling they leave you with.

Be conscious of what you put in your body. Find healthy alternatives that give you vitality.

Make some toothpaste and enjoy the process.



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