You Are Not What You Think You Are

… Rather, what you think, you are.
– David Wolfe

I’m going to let you read that one more time because of how gangster it was.

You are not what you think you are. Rather, what you think – you are. 

If you’re not familiar with David Wolfe I highly encourage you to stalk him because of the incredible amount of useful information he shares around spiritual and personal growth, health and consciousness. This is one of my favourite quotes because of the power it holds in such few words.

We’ve probably heard the phrase “you’re not what you think you are” being thrown around. This is true. We often engage in negative self talk where we tell ourselves things we would probably not even tell our worst enemies. We paint ourselves in an ugly picture made up of make believe thoughts that we’ve picked up along the way. We brush it off as “oh, everyone is their own biggest critic”, but we don’t recognize how damaging this can be. What you think – you are. There is a powerful force in the universe that ensures that things that are alike stay together. Like attracts like – the law of attraction. Thoughts of not being good enough attract circumstances, people and events that support the idea that you are not good enough. Negative thoughts attract negativity into your life, much like positive thoughts attract positivity. It is the law.

The make believe stories you tell yourself; the imaginary painting you hold of yourself – it all paves the way to what you’re welcoming into your reality. The law of attraction can’t tell the distinction between a thought that is real or made up. Whether you believe you’re a failure, or a success, either way you’re right and the universe makes no distinction between what is “real” or not. It only responds to what you give thought to. What you think – you become.

Choose your thoughts wisely. Consciously monitor your thoughts and the feelings that arise from them as they are responsible for the colour and vibrancy of your life.

Think about how awesome you are and enjoy the process.



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