Your Tap Water is Trying to Kill You

Unless you’re from China, Japan and a handful of European countries, you better watch your back because, you heard me, your tap water has disguised itself as your friend – when in reality it’s poisoning you.

In North America we praise ourselves on the readily available drinkable water at the turn of the knob. This is half true when comparing to the water in most third world countries, but it also lies by omission of the other half of the truth. Since World War II, meaning 70 years ago, fluoride has been added to our tap water disguised as aiding in our dental health.

I’m sure all of you have heard that fluoride is good for your teeth – hence it’s also found in our toothpaste.

Well, that was a big oopsie on our part since it turns out that is not true. Fluoride is toxic and continuous exposure to it has been linked to many health problems including weakening thyroid function, reducing fertility rates in men and women alike, damaging to the kidneys and calcifying the pineal gland.

The pineal gland – or commonly recognized by its street name: the third eye – plays a vital role in our overall health. It’s in charge of secreting melatonin which handles our sexual development and regulates our sleep cycle. The pineal gland is most susceptible to the absorption of fluoride which means continuous exposure to it forms a calcified barrier around the gland making it less effective at doing what it does.

The third eye is our conscious eye – our visualization and imagination center and ultimately the window into which we look out into the vast realm of our possibilities. A calcified third eye blocks our ability to think outside the box, to question things, to create. This leads to a bunch of zombie-like humans following the follower who are aimlessly walking but not getting anywhere. I won’t go as far as to say that fluoride is added to our water as a ploy for mind control, but I will say that among the many health maladies it causes, lower levels of cognition are a part of it.

Becoming aware is the first step to making a positive change. There are many alternatives to drinking tap water, but I’m going to go straight to my favourite one – get some spring water. Find some big glass jars, grab a couple of friends and drive to a spring near you.

If you’re not up for road trippin, the next best option is investing in a water purifier system such as the Berkey, which removes almost all toxins, such as chloride and pharmaceuticals from the water while keeping the minerals in the water.

Achieving health begins with being conscious of what you put in your body. Water is vital to our health so make sure you drink at least two liters of spring water every day. Find the alternative that works best for you and don’t forget to enjoy the process.


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