Mirror, mirror on the wall…

So we create our own reality, right?

Whether you believe in that or not, the fact remains undisturbed. A magnetic experience – the Earth pulls us towards it, we pull pieces of its puzzle towards us. Our environment is quite literally a space of our collective minds. A physical space that once only existed in our imagination. When you consider everything that now exists in reality, imagination precedes it. There is no exception to this.

This is an extremely romantic idea. We are godly in our nature to give life to imagined ideas; make something out of nothingness; bring forth the objects of our desires into our spaces of mind.

This is a universal truth.

There is a sense of responsibility that follows this. It’s important to acknowledge our power to create because it forces us to be the driver behind the wheel of our life. Understanding that what you see around you, what you’re experiencing in your environment, your relationships… you did that. You made that happen.

I am purposefully simplifying this idea.

I can hear the voice inside my head jumping at my throat and yelling at me as I type. Telling me that it sure as hell is not my fault I had to deal with a shit situation, with a difficult person, and all the unfortunate circumstances that so obviously were not up to me.

And I sympathize with myself. I feel those feelings. I do. But I also understand the concept that we create our own reality and this helps me understand myself along with those emotions. I turn the questions that I’m barking at the sky, inwards. What’s going on inside ME that’s welcoming these experiences into my life?

This is not about blame. The whole point of going inwards is to avoid blame because ain’t nobody got time for blame. Seriously, its a waste of energy. You’re better off using your energy trying to get a bubble out of your phone’s screen protector than trying to find someone, something or even yourself to blame.

Its about understanding yourself better. Its about going beyond the surface and honestly trying to understand what you’re feeling. It probably wont make the unfortunate situation better, but maybe it will. Even if it 100% does not change the situation, you still come out on top because this experience may have taught you something. When your goal becomes learning and understanding, there are no bad situations.

I’m sure you’re right… that I have no idea what I’m talking about because I haven’t experienced the thing that you’ve experienced. That I don’t carry the weight on my shoulders that you do and you are right. That weight is holding you down. Forgive yourself. Love yourself enough to free yourself of dead weight. It doesn’t mean that the situation suddenly becomes better. It means you have the chance to be better. You have the chance to decide how you want your world to look and feel. You have the chance to imagine. You have the ability to create.

So take a look around and then take a look within. If you want your life experience to change for the better, all you have to do is make yourself better.



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