Hi, my name is Ida.

Before we get any further, let me just clarify that those three little letters up there are┬ápronounced eee-da. I can hear you mentally saying eye-da at first glance and you wouldn’t be the first. It’s okay… You don’t have to apologize. We can move on now.

Since I can remember, I have found myself drawn to myself.

Um.. what does that mean?

I’ve always had this inclination to understand situations, people and circumstances better by understanding myself. In this process, I became more conscious of my thoughts and the world around me. The more things I put thought to, the more questions were raised and the hunt for more answers began. My desire for knowledge increased as I became more aware.

My aim is to share what I’ve learned through my experience around living a conscious life. This is my journey towards spiritual growth, personal development and an all around healthy lifestyle. Even though I am not an expert in the topic, someone once told me that in order to lead someone you need only be one step ahead of them. I wish for my words to find those in need of them.

Learning never stops, so enjoy the process.



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